Happy Spring!! I absolutely love the smell of spring air.  I know the winter wasn't terrible this year weather-wise, but it's never fun being forced indoors for months at a time.  I welcome Spring with open arms!  As a Spring baby- its always been my favorite season.  I even smelled someone barbequing on my walk home from the train station last night.  That just puts a smile on my face.

As I always say, I'm solar powered, so I'm excited to get back on track with projects.  B's bachelorette is Saturday and wedding the weekend after- so exciting!  I'll be glad to refocus after it, though.

I think the bathroom knows that it's in my sights.  Yesterday morning, the troublesome medicine cabinet bid me 'good morning' by dumping a shelf on me.  So I fought back!  Look what I just ordered:


a stencil!  But it's not for the wall- think higher.  You guessed it!  The ceiling's going to become all zazzy and exciting.  (HA, I totally just realized that the stencil picture has a mirror just like the one I ordered.  It must be meant to be!)

I can't wait to get these and get started!

The arrival of spring also means that tag-sale season will be starting soon.  Hopefully I'll find all kinds of amazing treasures to share with you.  I did go to 4 estate sales this past weekend, but everything was either grossly overpriced or completely falling apart.  C'est la vie.