Aloha dear friends.  I apologize ahead of time- this will be my only post this week.  It's going to be a busy week filled with both the good and the bad. B's wedding is this weekend  (obviously this falls into the "good" category) and she has some amazing vintagey details planned, so hopefully she'll let me post some of her awesomeness here next week. Currently, while I impatiently wait for my new medicine cabinet, my mind is thinking about details.  I really need to start 'finishing' rooms in this house before I go completely crazy.  The living room and bedroom are both at a comfortable point, but I would in NO way call them complete.  I know my house will be ever-evolving, but I want to get everything to a point where I'm excited to show you pictures.  Until I actually have a free moment to do something about it, I'm going to look at pretty pictures for inspiration.  Care to join me?

Have a great week!