Bathroom Love

I'm really itching to have enough free time to tackle one of my large home projects (like the dining room that I mentioned here), but woe is me, that's not happening as soon as I'd like.  Instead of whining about it (any more), I'm taking other action: the Bathroom!!!  It's a tiny little thing and it's our only bathroom (unless you count the lone toilet in the basement). Here's what it looks like today:

The only things I added were the off-centered shelf (its centered above the toilet but still looks weird) a shower curtain, and baskets to organize our linen shelves.  After living with it this way for over a year, it needs a little bit of love.  Not a lot of love, just a little bit.  Naturally, the first place I go to for ideas is Pinterest.

Our current medicine cabinet is a cheap warehouse store basic and it has a mind of its own.  Seriously.  It will spontaneously spit the shelves out and cause an avalanche without notice.  If I actually liked the look of it, I would permanently affix the shelves, but now it gives me a good excuse reason why we need to replace it.  I love the look of wall-mounted mirrors sans medicine cabinet, but in this house, we need all the storage we can get.  Opening up the 112 year old wall to try and recess a cabinet would undoubtedly open a can of worms that I don't feeling like dealing with, so surface mounted it is! Here are the contenders.

The next order of business is paint.  The current color doesn't bother me and it matches our shower curtain (but then again, almost any color does).  There are 2 major issues I have with the paint:

  • #1- we have no way to touch up the holes and blemishes left by the previous homeowner.  That's actually why I haven't bothered to fix the shelf placement- I can't touch up the wall behind it, so for now, it will cover up the issues.
  • Problem #2 is the paint itself.  Not the color, but the actual paint.  Now, I know that bathrooms get steamy and condensation will inevitably run down the walls.  I get that.  This seems to be an extreme case.  Even when the walls are dry, it looks like we're in a horror movie with blood dripping down the walls (the burnt orange color just enhances this effect).  Pleasant picture, right?  I tried to photograph it, but there's not enough natural light in there for a good pic with my crappy camera and the flash didn't show the dripping- trust me, though, it's there, its visible, and it bugs me to no end.  The only way to clean it is to attack the walls with a magic eraser, but then the drips are right back after the first shower.  It's a losing battle.  I plan to get quality bathroom paint so this doesn't happen again.

….and of course I'm changing the color.  I'm thinking a dramatic dark silvery-gray-graphite.

After I repaint and hang a new medicine cabinet, like every other room in our house, it needs some serious styling.

My plan is to bang this project out in a weekend and with a budget of $200.  Instant gratification room make-over- my favorite kind.  My other planned make-overs won't be nearly as quick and easy, so I should savor this one.

images via: pinterest; wayfair 1, 2;