I know I'm definitely in the right career field.  No doubt.  Why so sure?  Even in the midst of flipping a house and painting and the daily messes out at Frankie, I'm still planning design changes around my own house.  It's a sickness, really.  I come home from Frankie totally pooped, melt into the couch, and look around at what I want to change. I've left my living room alone for the past year and a half, although I've never been 100% pleased with it. Here's where it stands today:

current living room

Things just didn't mesh as I had hoped and the stark contrast of Clifford the giant red chair vs. the turquoise stripe wall is starting to grate on me.  With an idea in my head, I dug my (very very dusty) sketch pad out of the basement and decided to try putting my plans on paper.  I am not an artist and only usually sketch for a specific purpose (like my chair art), so please forgive the rather skewed perspectives.

living room sketch

Years ago I had the idea for a corner built-in bookcase, but put the idea aside thinking that it wasn't worth the effort.  Well, I'm still thinking about it 2+ years later, so in my book, that calls for another consideration.  Being a little more comfortable with building things and tools now, I feel like it's a totally accomplishable project that will completely make the room.  (plus I've found tutorials online that help to make it less intimidating)  Architectural interest, here I come!

Furniture-wise.....  Mr. couch must go.  He's a fine couch.  Just fine. and rather comfy ....but he's out of scale with the room, a little style-less, and I've been craving a different sofa for 3.5 years (we've had this one for 4.5... maybe I'll vent more another day).  Something like this sofa would totally do the trick.  Classic and stylish (and less lumpy), but still very versatile.  *swoon*

diane sofa mitchell gold

The red chair will get switched with our antique one that's currently in hubby's office which will get reupholstered with a more neutral pattern.

antique chair

If this fabric wasn't $80 a yard ON SALE it would be a frontrunner.

robert allen cloud

The coffee tables will remain, but get an undisclosed make-over in the very near future.  They're gonna be sexy, let me tell you.  And the end tables which are some of the only remaining furniture from my "bachelorette pad" will get replaced with craigslisted or thrifted pieces similar to these which have been tempting me on Craigslist

craigslist side tables

The paint and rug will remain the same, the plate wall will remain, and the tv wall will be untouched, so it's not a TOTAL do-over, but I'm super duper excited!  We probably won't be buying a couch for a few months and I'll spare my building-buddy (Handy dad) and wait until the weather warms up a bit to do the bookcase, so I have plenty of time to obsess and plan (oh, and finish a fliphouse).

Are you planning any room do-overs or modifications?  or have you built any bookshelves?  tips are invited!