Frankie: Week 9

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. Sorry for the very very late update today- an unfortunate power outage this AM decided that I wasn't posting until after my work day at Frankie.

I have regained Frankie from the contractors and he's starting to look pretty darn spiffy!  Yes I said spiffy.  Frankie's from the 50's so that gives me the right to use cheesy words like spiffy, neat, and righto.  Got it?

The bathroom has walls, a floor, tile, a vanity, mirrors, sconces, and above all, functioning plumbing!

week 9 bathroom

There's still quite a bit of touch-ups and final touches that'll need to happen in the bathroom (like a tub that's still pink for another 10 days), but I'm comfortable in saying that this room is about 90% complete!


week 9 tub

The kitchen's been giving me troubles, though- namely the ceiling.  After scraping and patching the ceiling, I painted the first coat... and it started cracking and peeling again.  So I scraped off the peeling paint, patched it, and painted again... same issue.  ugh.  Here's the recipe that seemed to work in the end: scrape EVERY bit of loose paint (a utility knife worked rather well), sand, prime... THEN patch.  Prime over the dried patch, then finally paint.  It may have been overkill on the steps, but I didn't want to have to repeat myself a third time.

week 9 dining room

As you can see, the walls that won't be covered with cabinets are also painted, yay (minor touch-ups needed) and ready for the kitchen cabinets install this weekend (happy dance!)

week 9 kitchen

The contractors also completed drywalling and adding some doors in the unfinished basement

week 9 basement

And replaced the broken, rusty exterior railing to the side door.

week 9 railing

As in previous weeks, I tried to stay out of the contractors ways by priming, painting, patching, and replacing the hall and kitchen lights.  Sadly, there's still a LOT more priming and painting to do, but this rebuilding phase is my favorite part!  My vision for Frankie is starting to be visible and not just all in my head!