In the Pocket

I took a much needed break from projects this weekend, although no matter how much I tell it, my darn brain just never stops working.  Right now it's work is fun, though- I just can't stop thinking about and planning the future first floor master! Millie the fliphouse future bath doorway via Year of Serendipity

I was originally thinking that a french door and sidelights within the existing frame would be the best bet.  Thankfully, my contractor convinced me otherwise.  Apparently such a plan would cost about an arm and a leg to be the custom size and would most likely still look like it was just a door shoved in an existing opening.  Although I want this house to be fresh with modern amenities, I want all of the new elements to look like they could be original.  New plan!!

10 points for you if you remember that the entry way into what will soon be this master suite has a pocket door.

Millie the fliphouse existing pocket door via Year of Serendipity

Therefore, if the soon to be master ensuite ALSO had a pocket door.... if done RIGHT..... it could look original!  Don't you just love that idea??  It was my contractors idea, I have to admit, but the second he mentioned that he could make one and that it was within my budget, SOLD!

....SO then I created homework for myself.  Pocket door = cool.  Pocket door with stained glass = even cooler.  Homework mission: find a stained glass or leaded glass piece the right size to fit in a new 3' pocket door AND a style that fits with the other 2 embellished glass doors in the house:

Millie the fliphouse slag glass stained glass door via Year of Serendipity

Millie the fliphouse leaded textured glass door via Year of Serendipity

I can just see this new door being the real WOW moment as you enter the new stunning bathroom.  Naturally, I've already started scouring Craigslist and ebay for the right piece, but all I have as of yet are leads of a few salvage places to check out.

Forget endless landscaping, THIS is the part of flipping that makes me positively giddy.