Make it Work: Furniture Vanity

Ok, I totally have a one track mind planning out the new master bath for this flip.  In order to monopolize on this and not completely bore you, I figured I'd turn my obsession into a "Make it Work" post. If you missed the first post in my new Make it Work series, it's all about not just showing you a cool vintage or thrifted find, but also showing you how to make it work in a space.

Today's Make it Work moment comes from the idea of repurposing a piece of furniture into a bathroom vanity.  This little guy caught my eye on craigslist this morning.


At an asking price of $95 (including the mirror) it is not a priceless antique.  Chipping veneer and other cosmetic damage make this perfect for repurposing (contrary to popular belief, I usually refrain from painting quality pieces.  This is not).

If done right, a repurposed furniture vanity looks like it was always meant to be that way.  I love almost everything about this bathroom from Better Homes and Gardens and it raises the vanity question- old or new?  In this case, it's probably a vintage-inspired new piece, but why go vintage-inspired when you can go true vintage?

BHG butter bathroom

Sadly in my soon to be master bath, there isn't enough room for a double vanity, although if there was, this buffet would make for a dreamy double vanity.


Returning to the little guy I showed you at the top, how would I make it work... so to speak...

One option would be to simply add a vessel sink to the top like so:


(I'd like to credit the original source, but pinterest dead-ends me.  Help if you can!)

In the case of the craigslist piece we're looking at, I'd go for a new marble or stone top with undermount sink.  The fun part here is for a stone piece this small, you have a very good chance of being able to get a steal of a deal on a remnant piece from a countertop installer.


1/ Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue- this cool gray blue painted vanity on top of my planned wood floors would be heavenly.

2/ Rejuvination's Jordan Valley Sconce is the perfect mix of modern with a nod to craftsman

3/ Hello statement mirror, how are you today? Brooke Mirror via Z Gallerie

4/ Vintage-inspired faucet- Rollins Faucet via Rejuvination

5/ If no budget remnants are available, this Carrara top from Home Depot would do the trick


So what do you think?  Should I pull the trigger for this new master ensuite and repurpose a vintage piece?