Planting in Air

As I'm awaiting the final leg of kitchen install (supposedly Saturday- YAY!!), I've been trying to work out the details in the space.  The kitchen now has a few new living additions that I'm hoping (keep your fingers crossed for me) that I can keep alive.  Air plants! hanging-air-plants

Indoor plants and I don't generally have the best relationship.  The only plants I've manage to keep alive for any amount of time are 2 spider plants that you'd really have to make an effort to kill.  Even my well planned out pretty succulent terrarium met a grim ending.


I've never had air plants before, but with directions to put them in water once a week and spritz them once a week, they sound very manageable (and tough to kill).


Once I adopted my new little friends, I knew I wanted the 3 larger ones suspended.  This may have been the easiest and quickest kitchen project yet: twine and knots.


Using 3 lengths of twine, I made sure to knot a loop at the top for hanging, and tied an additional knot for each plant to sit.  Then all you have to do is place your plants and move the leaves until they sit the way you want.  If only all kitchen decor projects were this easy!


Once the final installation is complete, I still need to grout the naked tile and style my little heart out.  If all goes well Saturday (it better), you can expect to see long anticipated kitchen "After" pics hopefully next week!

I'd love to hear your experiences with air plants- good, bad?  Can I manage to keep them alive?