Pin and Tell: DIY Edition

I'm taking a different twist on this week's "Pin and Tell" post.  Are you excited?!  Well, you should be!!  You'll still get to see a "Pin," however that's only the first part. A group of bloggers extraordinaire have once again issued a Pinterest Challenge!  And of course, I can't resist a good DIY challenge.  I'm such a sucker.

The point of the Pinterest Challenge is to do a DIY project inspired by something you pinned.  And you have a week to do it.

My chosen project is........

drum roll please...........

A coffee table turned into a bench!

So here's my story.  Once upon a time there was an antique coffee table that we inherited from friends.  He had seen better days and his veneer top was cracked.  But he had such character we couldn't bring ourselves to part with him.  In our previous apartment trusty coffee table was used for his intended purpose, but he never felt at home in our house.  He's been subbing for a tv stand in the guestroom, but with our new tangerine chest, he's become obsolete.  (sad trombone) What's a coffee table to do?  He was heartbroken, wandering aimlessly from room to room trying to find a place in our house life, until he wandered into the bedroom.  "The foot of the bed could use a bench!" the coffee table exclaimed.  So the coffee table decided to get a make-over....

Coffee Table's big make-over will be revealed next Wednesday.  I can't wait to get started!

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