Coffee Table Transformations


I am BEYOND excited to share this project with you!  It's seriously one of my favorites that I've done.  It makes me giddy! Last week I told you a story about a lonely coffee table that needed a new lease on life.  As a part of the Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition, I decided to give it a drastic make-over.  Mission accomplished!!

The coffee table started out in a sad state.  It was structurally stable and had great lines, but there were a lot of aesthetic issues.

Two corner pieces were completely broken, there was some popping veneer at the seams, but the worst issue was the burl wood center of the table.  It was warped and cracked beyond repair- I could see through the cracks to the floor underneath.

With its flaws, this coffee table was not so functional as, well, a table.  But a week later, it's a refinished, functional, beautiful bench!  I re-glued the popping veneer, glued pieces back into place, filled in the gouges and cracks and sanded the crap out of it.  A few coats of stain and a brand new cushion later and....


Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?  This is totally what the bedroom needed!  It works so much better as a bench than its previous purpose as a substitute tv stand.  Looking at my pictures, they seriously don't do it justice.  It looks amazing in person, if I do say so myself.

Here's a reminder of where my new bench was hanging out last week.

And NOW:

How amazing is the yellow chevron??  I'm swooning over it.  Seriously.  (I ordered it on Tonic Living a few months ago for another project, but never got around to it).

I do need to get used to it being at the foot of the bed, though.  I kinda walked right into it when turning off the alarm this morning.  Ouch.

See how I did this project here (I figured I'd spare you a novel post today and split it in 2- you are welcome).


Did you partake in this season's Pinterest Challenge?  Post your link in my comments, I'd love to see it!


Random side note: I think it's time I took a photography class, my skills are abysmal, please accept my apologies!