Overdue Kitchen 'Reveal'

I've shown you almost every room in my house over the past few years- even my embarrassing basement, but this is the first time I've actually taken real pictures of the kitchen. I showed you the kitchen way back when we moved in and installed the dishwasher, then 2 years later (hangs head in shame) when we got more new appliances.  Well, with the addition of a chevron rug, the room's actually feeling welcoming.  Not yet done, but very welcoming.  I'm even almost tempted to cook!  Almost.

Kitchen progress

It's shocking how much of a change 2 new appliances can have.

Flashing back to when we moved in, the kitchen was feeling a little cramped and dated.

kitchen start

We moved the fridge to a more logical nook across the room, added a dishwasher & extended the counter, and now the new appliances.

kitchen appliances after

kitchen rug

I bought the rug on a whim ($20 from HomeGoods) and it feels like it was made for that spot.  It's indoor-outdoor so it can stand up to kitchen messes.

Kitchen seating

The To Do list for the kitchen still includes

  • Replace cabinets- although these look nice, they're barely functional
  • Replace lighting and broken fan
  • Paint- this color came with the house.  I like it, but want to tweak it a little and make it a bit mint-ier
  • Install stainless vent hood
  • Roman shade (or faux roman shade) on windows

That list doesn't seem that intimidating since it's pretty short, however replacing the cabinets will be no small feat- especially with our house's lack of level floors.  I'm itching for new cabinets (if you couldn't tell), but it'll have to wait at least until we sell our first flip house.  The flip kitchen can be my trial run for cabinet installation.  I'm itching to get started on that too- closing in a week and a half!!

Anyway, back to this kitchen.  What do you think??  I love how you can transform a room without major alterations.