Greetings from 1938

Now that I'm going to be my own boss in less than a week (it doesn't seem real yet), I've refocused myself on fixing up my antique secretary desk.  I'm going to need to be super organized and I'm always more organized with a 'home base' to work from. I don't have any desk updates to show you just yet, however it did have a few more surprises for me.  When I first started working on the desk, I shared with you my discovery of this lovely vintage note card.

found card

Well, it turns our that the desk was a bit of a time capsule.  Wedged in between the top of the desk and the shelving, I found this collection of treasures from the late 30s.

1938 treasures

The treasures include....

A coupon for dance lessons- 3 private lessons for $1!!!  Deal!  I especially love the phone #- Devonshire 6850

castle school of dance

A 1938 railroad schedule from the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co.

1938 advertisement

Don't you just hate the drudgery of washing your clothes yourself?

1938 t sched

A trading card from Dick Tracy Caramels signed by "Eunice" on the back

dick tracy card

The king of diamonds from a delightful deck of cards.  This makes me wonder what made this card so special to keep.  Did the king of diamonds represent a special man in Eunice's life?

playing card

and my personal favorite:  a photo of Clark Gable and Constance Bennett from the 1935 movie After Office Hours.  Oo lala.

after office hours

I love finding hidden history and imagining the people and stories that went with it.  Finding these treasures in my secretary desk makes it all the more special and I'm really excited that I can give it a new life!  Sorry, my inner antiques dork is showing.