Nuptial Nostalgia: Guestbook

To continue the series I promised in my first Nuptial Nostalgia post, lets talk about guestbooks!! For our wedding, I felt like the traditional guestbook wasn't our speed.  I scoured bridal websites and magazines and became infatuated with vintage typewriters.  Since we were going for a vintage vibe, I thought that would be beyond perfect.  Enter Ebay.  After looking at the variety of styles, I decided on a Smith Corona Sterling typewriter and scored the perfect 1940's model for $50 after shipping!

With the traditional guestbook, you get traditional comments.  With a typewriter, the comments are entertaining and worth reading multiple times.  Some of the winners included a wedding Haiku and a spy movie inspired wedding wish which included a top secret mission and promised to self destruct.

I'm still in love with this typewriter and convinced Hubby to let me keep it. In the near future it will find a place into our house's decor.  Yay!  The typed messages will most likely be collaged together and also find a place in the house, so stay tuned!

*photos are thanks to our wedding photog, Erica Lyn.  Special thanks to Geoff, the model, who won't know he's in my blog until he reads this post.  Hi Geoff!