Knock Knock

Who's there? The cats! They have a new door all to themselves!

Yeah, I know... any post that starts with an exceedingly bad attempt at a knock knock joke doesn't have a lot of promise.  But if you're still reading, welcome!

One night this past week, after getting home from work, I decided it was project time.  It was still light out, it was (almost) warm out and I'm solar powered.

Time to break out the trusty jigsaw and have at the basement door!  Yay Power tools!

I've had a number of people ask me, after I stated my intention for a cat door into the basement, why we need it.  Let me elaborate:

1.  A closed door (even one with a cat door) is prettier than an open one.  I don't need to see 50+ year old VCT next to the pretty wood floors.

2. The kitchen is the coldest room in the winter months and the heat vent is right by the basement door.  Why pay to heat the basement?

3. And MOST importantly.... the litter boxes are in the basement which is why the door has been left open.  Litter boxes smell sometimes no matter how clean you keep them (especially when you have a cat like Charlie).  A cat door allows us to close the basement door, allow the cats access to their restrooms, and we don't have to smell it!

I won't bore you with the step-by-step.  I presume you're intelligent, and the process is pretty self explanatory.  (Figure out location, cut hole, attach cat door over hole.)  Most importantly, I'm pleased with the result.

It'll probably be a few weeks before we use it normally (without taping it open to get the cats used to it), but, hooray, one more thing off my to-do list!!

Another mundane item checked off my to-do list is hemming the sheers in the bedroom windows.

The room ALREADY looks more pulled together without the sheers pooled on the floor.  Now only if I had actual curtains with them...  I'll work on that next weekend and hopefully give the lonely leaning curtain rods in the picture a purpose in life.