First Holiday

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here it was a fun/relaxing/exhausting weekend wrapped up all in one. Between an annual (blasphemous) dinner with friends on Friday, visiting with my sister-in-law Saturday before we dropped her at her bus back to NYC, and hosting our FIRST holiday at the house Sunday, its a wonder I found time to sleep. Now that we are officially settled into the house, Hubby and I offered to host Easter dinner for my immediate family this year. To my surprise, my mom took us up on that offer and was thoroughly pleased not to be hosting the typical holiday at her house.  Even though all the guests (my parents, sister & her hubby, Hubby's brother, and a close friend) had all seen the house before, we took this as an excuse to go all out. It was my job to make the table pretty and it was Hubby's to make the food taste good and the plates look pretty (Iron Chef style).  Making sure the house was spotless(in record time) was a joint effort.

We were both pleased with what we presented.  The table looked beautiful thanks to items we already owned, place-mats and water glasses from Christmas Tree Shop, and some fresh flowers.

Hubby's meal was very well received.  The main course consisted of blanched asparagus, pork tenderloin, and potato latkes with a strawberry apple rum sauce.  YUM!

I also made a passionfruit cheesecake for dessert to pair with the ice wine that my sister brought.  Sadly I didn't get a picture before it got devoured.

I can't wait to eat leftovers this week!  I guess that's a perk of hosting a holiday dinner.