New Old Chair

Monday, you got a peak at the reveal of my newly reupholstered antique chair, so I though today I'd show you the full transformation. We inherited our awesome chair from a friend.  It had been in his family for longer than he'd been alive, but he had no place for it.  After an unfortunate incident with the Queen (Daisy), the non-colorfast seat needed washing.  For 4 years, we've had the chair in our apartment, and then various rooms of our house in it's not-so-fresh red/pink state.

Antique chair before

I was so excited when the waitlist I had been on allowed me to get into an awesome reupholstery class last minute at the Eliot School in Boston (not a paid endorsement, they were just awesome and if you live in the area, check them out and the classes they offer!  Do it!)

Antique red chair before

The first class was painful, where I started ripping my beloved chair apart, but the rebuilding was so gratifying!

Antique chair progress 1

Antique chair progress 2

I am not even going to pretend to be any kind of expert at reupholstering, but I will tell you that the key is to pay attention as you're disassembling and take note of how everything is attached.  Then do that with your new materials and fabrics.  Simple, right? ha!

Antique chair progress 3

Antique chair progress 4

Antique chair reupholstery progress

Antique chair reupholstery progress 2

Antique chair reupholstery progress 3

Antique chair reupholstery progress 4

Once the fabric was all attached and trimmed, the final steps were to glue on the double-welt (to hide the staples) and sew a cushion.


Reupholstered antique ikat chair after

Sometimes it works to bribe furry models with treats.  Sometimes.

Reupholstered antique ikat chair cat

Reupholstered antique ikat chair

If you're anything like me, you love a side by side before and after.

Reupholstered antique ikat chair before and after

How's that for a transformation??

antique ikat chair after

I'm so pleased to be able to give the chair a new life!