Berkshires Treasure Hunting

I love and hate weekend trips at the same time.  Hate only because I come home to everything I wasn't able to do at my house over the weekend and then play catch-up, but weekend trips are pretty awesome otherwise.  This weekend was a girl's weekend (check off #3 on 30 before 30) with one of my best friends.  Antiquing in the Berkshires (Western Mass.) sounds like no fun to me.  None at all.  I hate antiques and treasure hunting and .....  yeah... needless to say, a good time was had by all.  AND we got to come home with a few fun treasures. I was a girl on a mission: end tables for my living room update.

Day 1 left me pretty high and dry mission-wise.  My only score was an adorable tea set (in less than perfect condition) for a whopping $5.  The set included only a teapot and a sugar bowl and I had plans for them the moment I laid eyes on them.

planted teapot

As you can see, the teapot-turned-planter is hanging out in the living room, while the sugar dish has found a temporary home on the kitchen window sill.

air plant sugar dish

B made out like a bandit on day 1, scoring 4 awesome mid century upholstered folding chairs with brass hardware that I neglected to get a picture of.  I was too distracted by my dream lamps.

dreamy 40s lamps

Since I didn't want to sell my kidney to buy them, I walked away and wiped off the drool.

Day 2 was kinder to me and and my mission and I ended up coming home with 2 very reasonably priced side tables.  One being EXACTLY what I was looking for, and the other was just too good of a deal to pass up.

This find was the best way to start out the 2nd morning.

living room antique side table

Although not in pristine condition, thankfully this little table is only in need of some minor sprucing up.  Much to my pleasant surprise, even Hubby really likes it!  At $55 it was cheaper and in better condition than ones I had seen on Craigslist!

antique side table front

The other table is a small, oval flip top table.  It's most certainly not antique, but it was only $20 and I think I can Tim Gunn it (make it work!).

oval flip top table

And here it is with my sexy reupholstered chair that I'm SUPER excited about.

oval flip top table and chair

Now I can't wait until the entire living room is at 100%!!