Mod Tot

There's a lot of things in the works right now.  Naturally nothing ever goes quite as fast as I want it to, so that's where quick little projects can provide instant gratification. Instead of letting the kiddy chair collect dust in the basement, it got a quick makeover and is ready for a kiddo to come hang out.

Last time you saw it, it wasn't in tooo bad of shape.  Especially for around $3.

latest estate buys

The vinyl needed replacing, and the chrome needed polishing- so I did just that.

mod tot chair

After disassembling, I tackled it with metal/chrome polish  (Brasso to be exact).  Before I touched it, the chrome looked rather sad up close, but thankfully it was mostly just dirt and tarnish.

dingy chrome

I was actually surprised how well the metal polished up.  There were only very 2 small spots of rust that I couldn't help.

chrome polish

I found a clearance vinyl table cloth at HomeGoods that had a mid-century vibe and simple lines to match the chair.  It was a cute pattern, but not to, I'm a sucker for clearance.  $4.50 for the table cloth, and I have fabric to spare.

boat house table cloth

I tried to line up the fishies as best as possible, pulled it tight, and went to town with my staple gun.

Ta Da!!

mod tot chair full

I still have to find kiddy-size rubber feet to really complete the project, but it's nice to actually check this little guy off of my to do list instead of adding him to my project pile.  Instant diy gratification!

What instant gratification projects have you tackled lately?