Falling for it Again

It's officially Fall.  That doesn't just mean a new season and falling leaves and pumpkins, though.  It also means it's time for this season's Pinterest Challenge!

This time Sherry @ Young House Love and Katie @ Bower Power Blog partnered up with Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House and Carmel @ Our Fifth House to get us to stop "pinning" and start doing.  I can't wait to see what all of them do!  You guys too!  I love checking out everyones projects when the challenges come along.

I'm struggling with what I should do for my own Pinterest Challenge Fall project, though.  My design brain is a little all over the place right now- working on and planning too many projects at once, so I haven't yet decided which project to tackle.  My options include, but aren't limited to:

  • Art for my dining room (you might recognize this one- I showed it as a potential for the spring pinterest challenge as well- obviously I didn't end up getting to it then)

diy chevron

  • A wall-mounted wine rack- also for the dining room

wine rack shelf

  • Custom lamp shades for the bedroom

wood shade

What are your votes?  At this moment, I'm leaning toward the lamp shades.... and the wine rack.... (see my problem??)