The Messy Truth

I've been lying to myself for almost 2 years.  I've been telling myself that Hubby and I could effectively share one desk in our tiny office.  We shared a desk in our last apartment and it worked out rather well.  But Hubby's a musician and composer, and his music equipment has multiplied, and guess where it all goes (along with all the stuff displaced from Mom's room and all of our random messes.... the smallest room collects the most crap... oops).

Once upon a time, we each had half a desk, and my laptop had a home.  Now the keyboard/synthesizer has evicted me and my computer.  As much as I want to, I can't complain too much, Hubby uses it very often (and he's VERY good at what he does- you should buy his dubstep songs when he gets them online in the near future).  But that still leaves me with no desk space and no usable home office, just a music studio.  I forfeit!  The office is yours, Hubby.  That mean's the only room left, the guest room, AKA Mom's room, will become my domain.  No, we're not kicking her out- my parents are closing on their new house in 2 weeks (yay for them!  and yay that Mom and I have survived living in the same small house!).

...So, I've started thinking about my new office plans.  It'll need to be a multipurpose space with a sitting area, our 2nd tv, elliptical and now a super duperly organized and inspiring work space.  All within about 100 sf.

One potential for space saving is a secretary desk.  I maaaay have already bought one from craigslist for $20.

craigslist secretary desk

She's very pretty, but she's been around the block a few times- she's in rough shape.  Chipping veneer and cracked wood at the hinges.

secretary desk open

Even though I'm not 100% sold on using such a small desk for myself, for $20 I had to give it a try.  If I decide not to use her for myself, I can totally fix her up a bit and find her a good home.

I guess it's time for me to dive into pinterest and collect some serious office inspiration!