Mirror Mirror on the Floor

I wish I had a good pun to rhyme with that title, but I'm at a loss. When we first moved in, we had to take the mirror off of the dresser since the only place the wide dresser fit was in front of the windows.  For weeks, we had the detached mirror chillin' against the wall next to the closet door.  Even though the size of the mirror cut off my head, it made me realize how nice a large leaning mirror in that spot would be.  Flash forward almost a year later and I made the executive decision to finally get a mirror.  I'd been stalking mirrors at HomeGoods for a while, not finding anything that was quite right.  Sunday I decided, come hell or high water, I was going home with a mirror.  Well, I found not one, but 2, which creates another dilemma.

This guy was $100.   And has the quality to match.  The frame is plastic, painted to look like wood, and is more than a little flimsy.  It is, however, nice and light and this weakling could carry it all by herself.  He's 78" tall.

This sexy beast called to me right away.  Sadly he also commands a whopping $400.  He's solid wood and sturdy.  So sturdy that I couldn't even lift it easily from the little display ledge to the floor.  He's only 72" tall, but wider than the other.  I've been looking to introduce some more 'rustic' elements to bedroom since I came across this room.

Aside from the obvious debate of price, I was also debating height.  The taller (cheaper) would be closer to the height of the adjacent closet door in the bedroom, but is that what I want?  I wasn't totally sure.

What's a girl to do?  The quality and craftmanship of the rustic mirror comes with a price.  The other mirror's appeal is definitely that its easier on the wallet.  I took home the $100 mirror to help me really make a decision.

I'd REALLY like you guys to weigh in on this.  Hubby's not much help- he is not a fan of 'leaning things,' but that's the nature of a big-a$$ mirror like these & I'm sick of using a little over-the door mirror that's damaging the door frame.  After seeing it in the room with one of my curtain options, I'm thinking the shorter height of the $$$ mirror would work better to break things up a bit.  My real issue with the mirror in the room right now is this:  it FEELS flimsy in the space.  It looks like a smaller frame that should be hanging on the wall.  It commands no attention, it looks like a necessity, not a feature.  The wooden mirror would be a feature.  He would command respect and would feel more like a piece of furniture.  But of course there is that nice price tag to consider.

So, which do you like better for the space?  How do you feel about leaning things?  Should I bite the bullet and fork over the money for the better quality?