Pay No Attention to the Hole in the Wall

Wouldn't it be nice if I'd finished a project to show you?  I wouldn't get your hopes up.  Projects always seem to take longer than I expect.  I think its a conspiracy.  Some sort of time vortex that only happens when I'm trying to get things done.  That sounds plausible, and I'm going with it.  Blame the vortex. I did get the bulk of the work done on the midcentury pieces that I'm refinishing for my future nephews nursery.  I haven't reattached the legs or knobs on the dresser yet, but aside from that, all it needs is a coat or 2 of poly so it'll stand up in a child's room.

The cabinet is a little further behind- I need to finish painting the doors and paint the interior.  Next weekend is my last free weekend for the foreseeable future, so you can bet your britches that I'll get them done or die trying.

So... for that hole in the wall...

After a year in the house, we still don't have curtains in the bedroom.  I kept wavering about what style I wanted, so I just avoided them altogether.  Well, last week, I finally bit the bullet and ordered 2 sets from West Elm.  These and these.  The gray linen ones came in, but the others were on backorder, so I'm impatiently waiting.  With one set of curtains to try, I decided to hang the curtain rods I bought....8 months or so ago.

I've hung a few curtains in my day. Plaster walls, however are not my friend.  I got one window hung with no problems,

but it couldn't all go smoothly, could it.

Wall anchors are a necessity in these walls, but if the anchor won't grip and the plaster crumbles around it, it just kind of makes a big hole...  I can hear Handy Dad cringing as he reads this.  Luckily, I can hide it behind the bracket and curtain.  Pay no attention to the hole behind the curtain.

The main reason that anchors are required with curtains in this house:

The bear (AKA Charlie cat) likes to wrap all 15 lbs of himself in curtains.  It's ridiculously adorable.  But it also means that the curtains and rods need to durable and chubby-kitten-proof.

When the other set of curtains come in, I'll put them side-by-side and get your 2 cents.  Then maybe, just MAYBE, I'll have a completed project to show you.  I just need to figure out how to beat this time vortex.