Mid Week Inspiration

Winter must be a slow time for Craigslist.  With my usual perusing, I haven't been able to find anything worthy of a Craigslisting post or a Make it Work post lately.  Poor showing Craig. Confession: I've been super duper kind of stressing myself out this week about the flip, so I'm in the mood to look at some pretty and inspiring pictures.  We'll return to our usual programing on Friday with some nice flip progress.  Until then, swoon over these.

***usual disclaimer: please pin responsibly and do not pin from my page for these sources.  Please click through to the original source and pin from there so they get the proper credit.  Muchos gracias***

Updated California Bungalow by Evens Architects via Houzz.  Don't worry, I won't be painting any woodwork in Millie, but isn't this just stunning?


There is so much "yes" here that I would live in this kitchen if given the opportunity.  I wouldn't suddenly discover a love of cooking, I'd probably just be creepy and bring in a blanket and pillow and curl up like a house pet on that amazing floor.  Do herringbone wood floors make anyone else weak in the knees?  If I wanted to fork over $605 a night, I could vacation here via onefinestay




I love a good mix of pattern.  Somehow, this works amazingly due to the variation in scale.  This may actually be a little to much for me to live in, though, but I wouldn't complain with a visit.  It's like a super decadent chocolate cake that is so deliciously chocolatey that you can only have 2 bites before ODing and going into a chocolate coma.  This is that in bathroom form. (from Ensemble Architecture)

And since I have shiplap bathrooms on the brain today (check out my instagram if you're wondering why): plank-walls-in-bathroom-bhg

Nice, pretty, crisp, and clean.  I plan to one up this one cuz, well, why not, but this bathroom from BHG is just pleasant.

Time to dig back into the mess that I call and flip house and power through the rest of the week.  See you Friday!