Manic Monday

I only have a week and a half before we close on Frankie the Fliphouse, and I have a lot of ducks to get in order and a lot of projects I want to conclude before this happens.  Which means I have about four thousand things going on simultaneously.  No big.  I worked on a lot of projects this weekend, but have no finished projects to show yet. Instead of rambling about the DIYs that I have yet to complete, I thought it might be fun to share a few of my favorite pins as of late.

I've titled this 'the cat and mouse door' and I think it's superbly adorable.

kitty mouse door

Although this pin is from Victoria Elizabeth Barnes, a friend of mine actually has a similar (but slightly larger) 'mouse hole' cut next to her basement door.  This is 100% getting recreated in our next house.

I'm jealous of this basement office from Design Your Dwelling.  With a 100 year old basement and plumbing (and clutter....) everywhere, this could never be my reality, but I love how clean and crisp it looks!

basement office

Normally Country Living Mag isn't really my thing, but if this dining room is any indication of what's in the pages lately, maybe I need to change my mind.

more is more dining roomYup, I apparently have basements and dining rooms on the mind lately.

And even though I'm not generally one to decorate for any holiday other than Christmas, I may buy these just to start depositing them on friend's lawns.  Seriously how can skeleton flamingos not make you smile?!

skelimingosAnd that concludes my randomness for today.

Off to attempt to make a dent on my to do list.  I wish you a productive Monday!