Polka Dots and Power Tools

Sometimes it's a bit annoying as a girl in house flipping.  I've been lucky enough to find some good contractors, but I've run into my fair share of 'good ol' boys' along the way.  To me, 'good ol' boys' are those guys who say things like "you can't work in those shoes" (oh you mean my paint-covered Betsy Johnson boots with ruffles?  You bet your a$$ I can!  I could renovate this house successfully in heels if I wanted to) and "does your husband have ___ tool?" (no, my husband has no tools unless you count a spatula.  I however can build you a piece of furniture with my OWN tools).  So you can imagine how completely excited I am to see artwork that celebrates femininity and strength in the best way possible.  I've shared her art on my facebook page previously, and since then every time I come across Kelly Reemtsen's work, I fall harder and harder in love.  Even the name of each painting hits the nail on the head (pun intended, sorry, I couldn't help it)..... Kelly Reemtsen Power Point

Kelly Reemtsen, Power Point

Kelly Reemtsen Heart Wrenching

Kelly Reemtsen, Heart Wrenching

Kelly Reemtsen Bent

Kelly Reemtsen, Bent

Kelly Reemtsen On Top

Kelly Reemtsen, On Top (my personal fave painting name)

Her work is currently available at NYC's De Buck Gallery.  I wish I could buy them all and line the walls of my non-existent dream workshop with them.

Are you as smitten with her work as I am??