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House flipping is all about the ROI- return on investment.  Which means that I don't often get to be a frivolous designer and install expensive things just because they'll look pretty and I want to.  With this house, it's actually a slightly different story.  That's not saying I won't be keeping a very tight leash around my wallet, but because of the very specialized nature of this house, certain upgrades will actually be worth it.  Well, one upgrade in particular. I have 3 words for you: claw



Are you swooning with me?

White tiled bathroom with black claw foot tub via house to home

via House to Home

I've wanted one for my own home for as long as I can remember, but since my own tub(ette) is less than 4' long and in our only bathroom, I won't be able to upgrade tubs until we upgrade houses.  I can indulge myself a little, however with this house.  In 1902 these sexy-footed beasts were it and in 2014 they'll help me make the bathroom(s) into a stunning selling feature.

better homes and gardens angled claw foot

via BHG

My current struggle is how to approach the tubs.  Do I try and find old ones that just need cleaning, old ones that need refinishing and try it myself, or old ones that need refinishing and pay the pros to do it for me?  I know you can buy already refinished ones and new replicas, but both would be a higher price tag than I'm willing to pay.... plus, who wants new, when you can have old, cool, and original??  Not this girl!

Young House Love vintage inspired house crash

via Young House Love

this old house favorite bathrooms/vintage farmhouse

via This Old House

I'm also reeling with the color possibilities here.  White tub, metallic feet.... white inside, color outside, white feet.... white everything....  These are the questions that I have so much fun figuring out the answers to!

leivars wimbledon vintage claw foot tub/shower chic bathroom

via Leivars

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