Happy 2016!


Good morning, friends and happy new year!  2015 sure was a crazy year, and I have high hopes for 2016 already. I have some awesome posts in the works for you, but before I jump head first into the juicy 2016 posts, I wanted to ease into 2016 a little with a look back on the highlights of the past year.

Millie, flip house #4, I think is by far the stand-out star of 2015.  Not only is she the most exhausting, trying, exciting flip house I've done, but she reciprocated my love by selling from the very first open house.

2015 recap- Millie the Fliphouse

That kitchen still makes me grin ear to ear.

2015 recap- Millie the Fliphouse kitchen

2015 recap- Millie the Fliphouse kitchen

And how can I talk about that house without mentioning the original bathroom, which was also featured as a Room of the Day on Houzz.

2015 recap- Millie the Fliphouse bathroom

And as the year went on, the ball got rolling on my design business, Copper Dot Interiors and I shared this completed dining space from a client.

2015 recap- Copper Dot dining room

I joined an amazing group of bloggers to Swap it Like it's HOT and made over thrift store items in both the spring and the fall.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I need to mention that no, the succulents are no longer alive......not through the fault of a design flaw, but of my outright neglect, then overzealous watering)

2015 recap- swap it book planter

2015 recap- Swap it industrial lamp

I answered your Q&As about flipping and tackled a bit of curb appeal on flip #5, Dori.

2015 recap- DIY shutters

In between the 2 flips, the spotlight turned on my own house where we uncovered and refinished the 116 year old wood floors,

2015 recap- 100+ year old floors

and built a new non-eyesore of a window seat for our furry friends.

2015 recap- DIY cat perch

Phew, no wonder 2015 exhausted me!  2016 is stacking up to be even bigger and brighter.  In the coming weeks, I'll be posting about my completed TV cabinet, installing a carpet stair runner, and the mini-transformation of our rental condo kitchen.  With my plate filling up with design clients, I'm hoping to do a bit less grunt labor this year and more fun design work and creative DIYs to share with you!

Bring it on 2016!!