Go Speed Racer

Can somebody please take this spraypaint out of my hand before I paint Hubby or the kittens!  Just kidding, don't take my paint away, I might cry. But seriously, it's so much fun that with just a bit of painter's tape and a can of spray paint, you can transform something in a matter of hours.

Last week, I procured 2 of these bad boys from Craigslist for $50.  Not my best Craigslist deal, but I've been looking for the right scale chairs for the porch for a while and you can't even get 2 new ikea chairs for that price.  The scale was perfect (yay!), but the color looked a little drab on the porch.

Patio Chair Before

Bring on the frog tape!  I also decided to add a bit of interest with a racing stripe.  I figured that if I wasn't a fan once it was painted, I could just simply paint over the stripes.  Luckily that wasn't the case.


When I told Hubby I planned to add a stripe, he was scared (my design plans often have that affect on him).  But, since I kept the colors to simple white and natural- which are colors already present on the porch, the paint treatment added interest without looking over done (and Hubby agreed).


The best part about paint transformations is if I ever get sick of my speedster racing striped chairs, I can break out another can of paint and switch it up again.  That's not happening any time soon, though, these chairs are absolutely delicious.


Even though the backs will ultimately be up against my house, I just had to continue the stripe, I couldn't help myself.


I think this might just be my favorite view- nice rear!


I may have also attacked my black mail box with some satin nickel spray paint.  Now that my porch accessories and furniture are all set, I have the minor stuff left... like staining the floor, painting the trim and ceiling, and replacing the broken light... you know, the minor stuff.

Are you digging my porch transformations so far?