DIY Envelope ipad Case

My darling Hubby generously got me an ipad for my birthday last month (he actually caught all the hints I was dropping- go him!), but refrained from getting an accompanying case so that I could pick out/make my own.  With a Florida vacation only a week away, the ipad needed some travel protection. After scouring etsy, I absolutely loved all the felted wool and leather cases that were available, but I didn't absolutely love the prices.  DIY it is.

My favorite local  fabric store didn't have the thick felted wool that I coveted (didn't expect them to) or any luscious leather, so I improvised.  Soft leather-like vinyl would do just as well.

diy ipad supplies

I've become addicted to the ipad, but I'm not the only one.  The only problem with the ipad is that a friend introduced us to Game for Cats (which is literally a game for our kitties to chase an on screen laser, butterfly, or mouse) and Bear now think the ipad is his and was overseeing this entire project.


My first, more complicated, padded case plan didn't go so well, so I cut my losses and simplified.  (Do you see the cat shaped shadow hovering?)  The fabric needs to be just large enough to wrap the ipad with a fold-over flap.


For flare, I added a light blue strap down the center of the fabric.  This is also where my snaps will fall.


After the fabric was cut and the strap was sewn on, it was time to make it into a pouch with a simple stitch up each side.  Since I decided to use a magnetic snap, I put the snaps in as I sewed the blue strap.  If you use a traditional snap or button, it can be added at any time.


Once I sewed the sides and literally tied up all the loose ends, I had a one-of-a-kind ipad sleeve to protect my new toy while traveling.

DIY vinyl ipad case

DIY ipad Case

I love the results- just enough protection for traveling, stylish, and it came to less than half the price of some of my favorite etsy cases!