Getting Fresh in the Bathroom

Remember when I started telling about my bathroom make-over way back when?  Well, I've finally worked out some final details and am ready to show you the reveal!  I know, you can hardly contain your excitement, right?? First, let me remind you of where it started.

It was nothing special at all.

Kind of a snooze actually.

Even the burnt orange walls didn't add interest.

Drum roll please.....

Now the bathroom has a whole new personality!

Step 1- Paint!  I splurged on Sherwin Williams Duration paint and it was money well spent.  The bathroom walls used to look like they were dripping even when no one had taken a shower.  It was delightful, really.  Well, the bleeding walls are no more!  I stenciled the ceiling, then painted the walls a darker shade of the same gray.  Let me tell you- stenciling a ceiling is not for perfectionists.  Gravity is trying to foil you at every turn.  It is NOT easy!!  I still have to take my little detail brush and touch up pretty much the entire ceiling.  At least I can say the effort was worth it- I love the way it looks!

Step 2 (and the catalyst for this whole project)- medicine cabinet!  She's a sexy beast, no?

Step 3- Accessorize!!!

I would like to draw your attention to the painting- my personal version of Van Gogh's Lilies.

You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but I am NOT a painter.  I'm a DIYer.  I think painting and DIY use different parts of the brain.  The brilliant idea that is the Paint Bar, however drew out my inner painter.  My birthday was a few weeks ago (one more b-day before the big one) and I really wanted to try a lesson at the Paint Bar.  Best. Idea. Ever.  Myself and 5 of my closest friends (in addition to about 20 or more strangers) were lead, step by step, into creating awesome pieces of art (facilitated by good wine and an awesome playlist).

And now for a few more indulgent pictures of my finished bathroom.

Pending ceiling and trim touch-up, the bathroom will be officially the first room 'done'* in this house!

*of course when I say done, I really mean "not in need of any immediate projects, but will still be constantly evolving"