X Marks the Spot

My tag sale attention span was a little low this weekend, so I sought out with only 5 potential stops on my list (I can generally make it to 10ish in a motivated morning of tag-saling).  After looking at 2 disappointing tag sales and driving by another that wasn't even worth parking for, I started following signs.  I'm a sucker for tag sale/yard sale/garage sale/estate sale signs.  It adds another dimension to the hunt for awesome stuff.  At first glance, this sale was nothing special- a grandmother cleaning out her spare room by the looks of it.  I was about to cut my losses and just go home, when I spotted a frame leaning against a sad chair.  When I looked closer, the frame contained a (reproduction) of a map of my town from 1895.  Score!!  The sticker on it priced it at $3.  $3 was already a great deal for it, but I always ask if they'll go lower (you don't get what you don't ask for).  So, I adopted this baby for just $2!

I also learned that, although our street existed in 1895 (records say our house was built in 1900), it had a different name.  Fascinating!  After a good clean-up, the frame and mat are both going to get a shot of spray paint to brighten them up.

Charlie approved of my new purchase.  Even Hubby loves it!

I need to giddy-up and start hanging things on the walls- I'm amassing quite a pile.  I also haven't shown you guys a 'house tour' since we moved in almost a year an a half ago *blush*  sorry 'bout that.  It's high on my to-do list, I promise!!

I'll be posting my finally finished bathroom make-over later this week, so I hope you'll come back and check it out!