Copper Dot Office


After getting kicked out of my home office for Copper Dot Baby's nursery, I swiftly realized that the dining room table wasn't going to cut it as an office.  If you don't recall the "before" office teaser that I shared with you back in January, let me give you a refresh.  Partnering up with Stephanie of Stephanie Rita Photography, we rented a 237sf office in a historical town building from 1874.  My commute increased significantly from 50 steps to the dining room table to 1/2 mile down the road, somehow, I'm finding it manageable, however.  **this post may contain affiliate links**  


I started working here as soon as we got internet hooked up, but it took us a little bit to really make it "home."  After painting the space a crisp coat of white, we slowly moved things in and accessorized, finally putting the last finishing touches on just a few weeks ago.  I'm so excited to show you what the space looks like now!


Come on in!!




We got a little creative filling the space: we used a lot of items we already had, a table and chairs from facebook marketplace, and a few awesome hand-me-downs.  The sweet credenza was inherited from Stephanie's grandfather who was conveniently downsizing.



Not to be left out, my parents had a few pieces in their basement they were just itching to offload on me.  One of the items from my parents that I would have been a complete idiot to say no to was a card catalog that my retired librarian mom adopted when she was cleaning out a local school library while she worked there.



Since we couldn't have it just chillin on the floor, I raised it up on metal hairpin legs and I'm totally in love.  Currently, it's the perfect size to hold my paint fan decks and fabric samples sorted by vendor.  Really trying to get and stay organized here!  Some days I'm better than others, but it's WORLDS more organize than my home office ever was.

The white walls have been great for both of us as a designer and photographer: I have a white backdrop that I can tape up samples or view paints without being muddied by weird other colors reflecting, and Stephanie has already used the white backdrop for several photo shoots.



With the space being only a rental, there's more than a few things we need to work around such as permanent in-window air conditioner (that we "hid" with a black cover... totally tricked you, right??), dark blue carpet that hides nothing, pipes that are a bit less conspicuous now that the entire shell is white, and my person favorite.... fluorescent lighting (ick).  Luckily the natural light coming in from our 8 FOOT TALL windows and the character that just oozes from the old trim, high ceilings, and doors makes the other things completely forgivable.




Before breaking out on my own, I spent more than a few working hours sitting in cubicles and corporate spaces that just ended up zapping my creative energy.  I'm loving the vibe our little office has!  A little boho, a little vintage, a little modern, and a little chic.  Renting this space has been the best decision I've made for Copper Dot!!  Not to get too woo-woo on you, but I swear, moving to the office was apparently my subconscious way of telling the universe I was serious about my business and ready for it to grow- and the universe reciprocated!  I have so many exciting projects coming up that I can't wait to bring you along on!!



RUG!!!! // Hairpin legs on card catalog // Office chairs // Detail photos and painting by Stephanie Rita Photo