Frankie: Week 12

I hope you enjoy these weekly updates as I learn to navigate through the business of flipping houses.  Check out other posts about Frankie the Fliphouse HERE. It's minorly discouraging when I realize that with Clark, our last flip, week 12 was the big reveal, but with last minute vacations, multiple holidays, and factory closures I guess it's understandable that Frankie's not quite done yet.  c'est la vie.

Since rooms are starting to reach partial completion, we've reached the time in my flip updates where I stop showing full rooms and just show teasers.  Sorry!  Ok, maybe I'm not so sorry, I like teasing you with the finished result, but I will share additional pics on my facebook and instagram pages (see, I'm not above shameless self-promotion).

Anyway, back to the wonderful world of painting...

I am very pleased and unbelievably beyond relieved to say, that aside from minor touch-ups, the entire main floor is DONE being painted.  Admittedly, painting took much longer than I planned for.  Great arm work-out, though.  I think I'll be rolling paint in my sleep for the next month.

week 12 living room

I'll still have to do major touch-ups on most of the window trim once the new windows get installed, but at least we finally have a date for that!  Even though I started the whole new-window process before we even closed on the house, I had a feeling that they'd be holding up listing and I was right.  Factories closed for the holidays, and tempered glass for the bathroom was back-ordered, making the windows the absolute last thing to do.  The windows are scheduled to be installed on Feb 6th and we plan to be listed as soon as I can finish touch-ups afterwards.

Fun flip fact:  it takes precisely 5 gallons of paint to paint 3 bedrooms and a living room.  (Recycled ReColor paint in canvas color to be precise)

week 12 recolor paint

I was also finally able to beat all the ceilings in this house into submission *halleluiah* and, thankfully, the 2 rooms that I attempted texture on didn't end up looking too terrible.

week 12 textured ceiling

The bathroom vanity got blinged out with a bit of hardware.  The vanity did come with plain ol' knobs, but adding shiny, slightly more custom-looking hardware will make the bathroom feel a bit richer as a whole.  It's the little things, people!  Side note: Please disregard how dirty the wood looks- it needs a major wipe-down due to leftover construction dust.

week 12 vanity

In all the tedium of painting though, I did have a little fun and get started on the island.  Painting furniture is so much more enjoyable than painting rooms.

week 12 island dresser

I'm still wavering on the color a tiny bit.  It's a little brighter in person, but I think it'll look pretty awesome when the room's all together.  And since the countertops are getting installed at long last today and may even be done by the time this posts (happy dance)!! I can finally pull the kitchen together!  This girl has a SERIOUS itch to tile a backsplash.  I may have to restrain myself from starting to tile the second the countertop guys leave.  Then again, why not?? Have a fantastic weekend!