30 before 30


It seems I have successfully survived my 20s and have now reached my 30s. My 20s were great.  A lot of awesome things happened (like a lot), although I can't help but think it was all leading up to my 30s.  This is when my older and wiser self (HA!) gets to stop waiting for things to happen and makes them happen!  30's, here I come!


*note to self: find a reason for a photoshoot with balloons.  Seriously, typing "balloons" into pinterest leads to some amazingly chic and artistic images like this one from Design Love Fest.  Who knew a post about painting on balloons could be so elegant?

Unlike some people, 30 doesn't scare me.  It does, however mean that I failed neglected to complete my 30 before 30 list.  Grumble.  I should have checked off more items last summer/fall before the polar vortex (and the subsequent hibernation) set in.  I overestimated my winter motivation and underestimated how long winter would last.  Still waiting for warmth!  Yesterday didn't even hit 50!!!  But enough excuses!  Now the list is "30 things to do as close to turning 30 as possible."  I will not admit defeat!



A little bit of randomness this Wednesday morning.... After enjoying my convertible for the first time this season on Monday:

april convertible

I woke up to snow, frost, and slippery roads this morning.  Cruel joke.

On a brighter note- I think I can more or less cross #7 & 8 from my 30 before 30.  No full room features, but did you happen to catch my bookcase on Tuesdays at Ten June?


or maybe you caught my reupholstered chair on Apartment Therapy?


I can't wait to get the new rug and sofa to do a full room reveal!  I'm loving the direction of this room.... finally!!

I've also been trying to nail down a logo for my new design business so I can finally order business cards.  After starting out in a very different direction, I ended up with a graphic that just clicked.  I'm still tweaking some proportions, but I'm excited to get cards printed.


Today'll be an exciting day at the flip- I'm finally clearing out the junk with a dumpster and I'll be ordering the kitchen this afternoon!  Hooray for progress!



Well, it took me long enough to get my act together... I've only been talking about this for literally years... but, I'm finally getting my interior design business off the ground! I present to you: Copper Dot Interiors


I'm offering a wide variety of design services both locally and online.  Come check out my Design Services page!

Although I'll be customizing design packages for each client, here's just a snippet of what I'm offering:

-E-design packages (anywhere)

-Design consultations to start you off on your own redesign (anywhere)

-Full service design from inception to completion (local)

-Staging consultations (anywhere)

-Shopping assistance... because who doesn't want a bit of help getting the perfect sofa (local)

The possibilities are endless!

If you have a space that you're looking to spruce up, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail @ hello@copperdotinteriors.com.

Next step: refining my logo and getting business cards!!  I heart typography almost as much as I heart vintage furniture.