Console Complete

I've been a busy little bird the past few evenings after getting home from the 9to5.  In addition to sanding and prepping dining chairs to paint, I finished my entry way console table!  She's part new, part old, but totally perfect for the space. painted console

It's almost like it was MADE for this spot.... (ya know, cuz it was).  The color that I used is Glidden's Totally Teal.  I even picked up a new orange vase for it over the weekend- Target clearance $8.98.  I love the textures on it!

console accessories

To refresh your memory, when I bought this table, she looked a bit different.

side table before

Check out how she made the transformation here.

In a small house, everything's connected- this is the direct view from the living room couch.


The new blue console coordinates nicely with the lighter shade of the living room & the orange pulls some of the warmth of the red chair across the room.

It doesn't happen often, but my furry model actually cooperated for that picture without me even asking.  The fatty catty (aka Charlie) actually looks pretty tiny here- you'd never guess that he's a 16lb teddy bear.  Whoops, sorry, I let my inner crazy cat lady show there for a sec.

I still haven't made a decision about what project to do for my pinterest challenge.  I need to make a choice and get crackin!


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