Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my promise to show you what I'm adding the Ardex to, however life and the wet weather we've had have been pushing the project back by a few days.  Thus is the reality of sharing projects in real time.  Mother nature sometimes has other plans.  It's really all her fault. And speaking of Mother Nature, now that the weather is getting colder and frolicking on the beach is no longer the best way to spend time (not that I frolicked on the beach at all this year, but you get my point I hope), I feel like I'm looking for a new bunch of projects to cozy up with for the winter.  Spray paint season is almost over!  Here are a few recent DIY's that have caught my eye- no spray paint necessary.

**As always, please pin responsibly and from the original sources that I have linked to.  Muchos gracias!!**

IKEA Hack Wooden Globe

Kristi Murphy IKEA-Hack

Guys- those are bowls.  Bowls!  Genius.  I love the simplicity.  I can also totally see this "joy-to-the-world"ed up in holiday decor.  Not that I'm rushing it... the holidays and accompanying freeze can take their merry time.  Check out how Kristi Murphy repurposed the simple IKEA bowls here.

Freehand Patterned Wall

A beautiful mess patterned wall

I probably wouldn't do this for an entire room, but it's so sweet as an accent wall!  Elsie at A Beautiful Mess added just the right amount of zing with this treatment.  I always prefer a patterned accent wall to just changing the color.  IMHO it's very hard to pull off one differently colored wall and usually just comes off as- "look, I painted one wall red to be clever."

DIY Stamped Metal bracelets

Paper N Stitch how-to-make-stamped-metal-jewelry-15

These charming stamped bracelets from Brittni at Paper & Stitch would be a sweet gift idea (or a sweet gift to yourself).  Personalize the quote, put an inside joke, or just an inspirational phrase.  Inta-awesome gift.

What DIYs have you come across lately that you're just itching to try??