DIY Tassel Key Chain

Before I get to the promised DIY..... I knew there was a subconscious reason why I was putting off blogging this morning.  After waiting a day and a half for a counter of our counter offer on Grover, we JUST ACCEPTED AN OFFER!!!  We've been listed under a week, didn't allow any showings until Sunday's open house and received the offer on Monday.  So essentially we sold the house without a single showing!!!  I'm in disbelief right now.  Especially considering how long it took us to sell Frankie.  I'm going to be holding my breath until the inspection and appraisal come in, but I don't anticipate any issues.  Dude- staging sells.  Who knew??? Ok, now I'll get back to what I planned to share today!

I had this idea back with the first flip, but it just didn't end up working in.  With Frankie's closing on Friday, I wanted to leave the new owners with a little something: a hand made keychain and touch up paint for their new house.

Personalized 'kit' for the new owners of a flip

I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here with a leather tassel key chain, but it was a quick, fun DIY that I hope the new owners will appreciate.  And it cost me nothing since I already had all the supplies- even better!


All it took was 2 small rectangles of leather and a key ring.


As you can see, I marked out where to cut my tassels on the back of the leather.  I find that a rotary cutter is the easiest for cutting leather like butter.  After that it was as simple as hot gluing on the loop, then hot glue and roll the rest.

Does it get much simpler?

DIY leather tassel key chain via year of serendipity

For the touch up paint to pass to the new owners, I didn't want to leave them the whole cans since there's enough for me to use again.  Enter $1 mason jars and printed labels that I whipped up in 5 minutes!

Mason jar touch up paint labels via year of serendipity

I really hope that the future owners appreciate the personal touch.  No heartless flippers here!!

DIY leather tassel key chain via year of serendipity

I'm still happy dancing about the accepted offer.  :)  What a great treat for the middle of the week!