Flip Potentials

It's Friday and I don't have a flip progress update to share.  I don't know what to do with myself!  Hopefully you saw the big Grover news hidden in Wednesday's DIY post- WE ACCEPTED AN OFFER!  YAY!  And the big cherry on top of this week is that we're closing on Frankie today.  Finally feeling like a professional flipper! So on to finding #4!  We didn't have the next lined up yet since Frankie was still lingering.  There's only so many mortgages we can handle at once and it turns out that 3 is our limit (counting the house that we actually live in).  BUT with Frankie closing today, the flip hunt begins!!!  I'm actually headed out this AM with our realtor to check out the potential.


The current short sale front-runner I've already checked out and we've already put in a lowball offer that was rejected, so I'll be meeting with my contractor, analyzing the numbers and putting in another offer.  Me likes this one.  But it does have one gigantic red flag- basement fire damage from 50+ years ago.  You know what that translates to?  50+ years of structural damage.  Yay!  or not.  BUT if the price is right here, he could be a gem.  This one's all about location location location- less than a mile from our own humble abode in a very desirable neighborhood.  The listing photos almost hide the fact that the kitchen's a complete gut and the entire dining room is experiencing a fun-house tilt (just look at the built-in's drawer for illustration).

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I'm off to see quite a few today, and according to the listing pictures, this should be interesting.  I'll be looking at (not all in one house thankfully)

PINK trim

pink trim

paneling paradise


charming and not at all dated wallpaper/carpet pairings


and bathrooms straight out of the spa


My sledgehammer is just itching with anticipation.  Fingers crossed that we find one that the numbers make sense on!  With Grover's success, I'm excited to jump into the next!