It's been so long since I had a relationship with a DIY project.  Lately its been all one-night-stands and quickies.  I'm looking to bond with a project.  I'm starting to twitch here...I need a fix!! All this talk about wanting something more is getting me motivated to do projects I should wait on.  It's so hard to resist the urge to start bringing home antique pieces to refinish for our future house that we have yet to find.  The only thing stopping me, to Hubby's relief, is the fact that we have no room in our apartment for such projects and its getting too cold to do them outside.  This forces me to find other ways to get my fixes. Fix #1  IIDA New England's annual Fashion Show Galla this Thursday.  A team at my office paired up with a carpet vendor and a furniture dealer to create 4 'fashions' to compete in a runway show.  The catch is that these fashions need to include the vendor's products.  This is the 4th year I've been a part of it, so I've gotten a good deal of experience with carpet, carpet backing, and all of carpet's raw forms.  Its a great experience, but a lot of work.  Although I've kept myself from getting in over my head as I have in previous years (previous years included volunteering to be a model 2 years in a row and stayed up late the next year to sew an evening gown complete with feathers of carpet backing) I'm still looking forward to Thursday's festivities, after which I will no longer be staying late to construct carpet fashions.

Fix #2: Halloween of course!  I always wait until the last minute to figure out costumes.  I am not a fan of purchasing a prefab costume- I like to come up with something relatively clever or at least a costume that won't be a duplicate at a party.  This is the first year that I actually took it upon myself to come up with Hubby's costume too.  He just wanted to wear last years costume.  Although it was undeniably awesome, if you are partying with the same people, its not appropriate in my mind.  When I say last-minute, I do mean it...  I had a party to go to Saturday night.  Although the costumes only took about an hour to assemble, they were completed less than an hour before the party.  All the pieces fell into place and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.  I came up with the idea of Hubby as Pacman and I would be Pinky.  Pacman was created with yellow chipboard and made into a Pacman shaped sandwich board.  I was able to find a pink tank-dress at the thrift shop for only 4 dollars- all it needed was a zig-zagged bottom and ghost eyes.  Success!  I forgot to take pictures Saturday, so I apologize but you'll have to wait until Halloween when we will be dressing up again.

Fix #3 Houses.  My guilty pleasure right now.  I may be one of the only people on the planet, but my dream house is not "move-in-ready."  I want a livable house that needs some love to reveal its true character.  Ugly wallpaper, blue kitchen cabinet, and pink bathrooms don't scare me!!  Although I can't actually do anything to a house yet, I can dream of what I could do to houses.