Lately I find myself scouring design blogs and tweets.  So inspiring, yet so disheartening at the same time.  I feel like that's the path I was on a few years ago before I got distracted by other career paths.  There's no point in lamenting the past- I've vowed to myself  (thanks to The Happiness Project) that I will not dwell on things I cannot change and focus on living for today and creating my future for tomorrow.  No more whining about wanting more, it's time to go after it!  It will take a little bit of mental reconditioning, but it will be SO worth it in the end. So what inspires me?

To honor today's blog topic of reconditioning... How about this:

I came across the images of The Collective Restaurant a few weeks ago and was in awe.  I've already informed Hubby that next time we visit his sister in NYC I require a trip here.  There's a lot going on (in a fantastic way) and it's hard NOT to be inspired!   ICRAVE, the design firm responsible for the project, reinvigorated old furniture and fixtures from local stores and online shops and commissioned artists to create installations within the space.  The cumulative result is beyond art.  I love the idea that every piece has a story and a history.  I can't wait to go!

*image from ICRAVE