Dining Room Beginnings

First, let me apologize to you if you saw the in-progress post that accidentally got published yesterday.  Finger slip when I was trying to save the draft... oops!!


As I obsess about focus on some rooms of the house, others seems to be pulling themselves together on their own. The dining room is one that I have been giving little thought to, but its been coming together slowly nonetheless.

Here's where the dining room started:

Here's what it currently looks like with our existing furniture and the curtains from our old bedroom at the apartment:

I was pleasantly surprised how it came together without even trying.  It still needs some love, though...

The Plan so far:

  • Mis-matched chairs w/uniform finish and upholstery. +/- 4 standard dining chairs, 1 bench, 2 upholstered chairs for either end of the table.
  • New chandelier swagged over the table.  (current one to be refinished and probably end up in the bedroom)
  • Decorative paint treatment behind piano.  New paint all walls.
  • New curtains.
  • Refinish 'liquor cabinet.'  Final location TBD.
  • Create built-in china cabinet by kitchen.

At a tag sale over the weekend, I found the first piece (for $5!) of what will ultimately be the collection of mis-matched coordinating seating.

Isn't she pretty? (Yes, I've decided the chair is a 'she.')  She was buried in a garage with other matching and non-matching chairs, but none were in as good a shape as this one.  I want a project, not a gigantic undertaking, so I only bought the 1 in the best condition.

After tag-sale-ing, on a recommendation, I went to a new (to me) fabric store and found Mecca!  (Or at least fabric store Mecca)

...and I fell in love...

....with a fabric!

It wasn't exactly a discount fabric, but it made me stop dead in my tracks.

I needed to own it.

I only purchased 1 yard to start with while I devised a plan for it (and made sure Hubby didn't hate it before I made a big fabric investment).  This gorgeous fabric will most likely be the starting point for the dining room design.  It will upholster the seating and the many fabulous colors in it will find their way around the room.  Every time I walk through the dining room (where I currently have the fabric draped), it makes me smile.  I may take inspiration from John and Sherry over at Young House Love with their 'Sue the Napkin' and name my pretty new textile inspiration.  Maybe something exotic... any ideas?