B+M= no joke!

On April Fools day, Becky and Mike tied the knot!!! I don't think I ever explained to you my sheer excitement for this wedding... it is kind of my fault.  You see, the groom is one of Hubby's bffs (do guys have bff or just bros?) and I met Becky at my first job out of college.  Somewhere along the line, it hit me that they would go great together.  And they are great together :)

Their photographer has some AMAZING pictures posted on her website: staceyhedman.com

It's awesome to see 2 of your best friends make each other so happy!

Love ya B!!!

They kept their guest entertained with dancing, a game room, and a photobooth.  Personally, I think the photobooth was a smashing success.  Once I figure out how to take a decent picture of the photo strips (or locate the install CD for my ancient scanner) I'll share some of the amusements.

*pics courtesy of my sister and Geoff- I didn't get a chance to take any pictures myself