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After getting kicked out of my home office for Copper Dot Baby's nursery, I swiftly realized that the dining room table wasn't going to cut it as an office.  If you don't recall the "before" office teaser that I shared with you back in January, let me give you a refresh.  Partnering up with Stephanie of Stephanie Rita Photography, we rented a 237sf office in a historical town building from 1874.  My commute increased significantly from 50 steps to the dining room table to 1/2 mile down the road, somehow, I'm finding it manageable, however.  **this post may contain affiliate links**  


I started working here as soon as we got internet hooked up, but it took us a little bit to really make it "home."  After painting the space a crisp coat of white, we slowly moved things in and accessorized, finally putting the last finishing touches on just a few weeks ago.  I'm so excited to show you what the space looks like now!


Come on in!!




We got a little creative filling the space: we used a lot of items we already had, a table and chairs from facebook marketplace, and a few awesome hand-me-downs.  The sweet credenza was inherited from Stephanie's grandfather who was conveniently downsizing.



Not to be left out, my parents had a few pieces in their basement they were just itching to offload on me.  One of the items from my parents that I would have been a complete idiot to say no to was a card catalog that my retired librarian mom adopted when she was cleaning out a local school library while she worked there.



Since we couldn't have it just chillin on the floor, I raised it up on metal hairpin legs and I'm totally in love.  Currently, it's the perfect size to hold my paint fan decks and fabric samples sorted by vendor.  Really trying to get and stay organized here!  Some days I'm better than others, but it's WORLDS more organize than my home office ever was.

The white walls have been great for both of us as a designer and photographer: I have a white backdrop that I can tape up samples or view paints without being muddied by weird other colors reflecting, and Stephanie has already used the white backdrop for several photo shoots.



With the space being only a rental, there's more than a few things we need to work around such as permanent in-window air conditioner (that we "hid" with a black cover... totally tricked you, right??), dark blue carpet that hides nothing, pipes that are a bit less conspicuous now that the entire shell is white, and my person favorite.... fluorescent lighting (ick).  Luckily the natural light coming in from our 8 FOOT TALL windows and the character that just oozes from the old trim, high ceilings, and doors makes the other things completely forgivable.




Before breaking out on my own, I spent more than a few working hours sitting in cubicles and corporate spaces that just ended up zapping my creative energy.  I'm loving the vibe our little office has!  A little boho, a little vintage, a little modern, and a little chic.  Renting this space has been the best decision I've made for Copper Dot!!  Not to get too woo-woo on you, but I swear, moving to the office was apparently my subconscious way of telling the universe I was serious about my business and ready for it to grow- and the universe reciprocated!  I have so many exciting projects coming up that I can't wait to bring you along on!!



RUG!!!! // Hairpin legs on card catalog // Office chairs // Detail photos and painting by Stephanie Rita Photo



Copper Dot Interiors is Moving!

First of all, please accept my apologies for Friday's lack of post.  Between the holiday at the beginning of the week and the mid-week snow storm/digging out, I didn't grab any updated flip pics to show.  This just means that this Friday's post will be even more exciting!  (seriously, super exciting, I promise!)  But anyway.....  

I'm beyond thrilled to tell you guys that Copper Dot Interiors is moving!!!!!.... out of my dining room and a 1/2 a mile away!!!


Ever since I gave up my home office for Copper Dot Baby's nursery, it's been a bit trying working from the dining room table.  There's usually a very cute distraction playing with Daddy/Grammy/Nana/nanny in the next room or walking past to get to the kitchen.  I saw an "office space for lease" sign almost a month ago and inquired on a whim, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the right move.  Well, keys are now in hand and boxes are being brought over!  Without further ado, the soon-to-be new home of Copper Dot Interiors:



I'll be sharing 237sf of office space in this 1874 historic town building (!!!) with the talented photographer Stephanie Rita Photography.   Without any furniture in it to help to show scale it isn't obvious, however those ceilings are over eleven feet tall!!!



We have some great ideas for the space, but the first thing will be painting over that tan.  It's a lot of tan.  Once it get's painted white, oh boy, this is going to be a fun white box to design.  Aside from the excitement of a new office and hopefully growing my business, the architectural details of the building make me all weak in the knees.  The doors, guys, the doors!



While the hallway carpet isn't my particular cup of tea, this building already has my heart!



I am so so excited for this next step for Copper Dot Interiors!  I have some fun projects in the pipeline and will hopefully be sharing more of Copper Dot's work with you!



Cheers to 2018!!!

DanceFit Reveal!

A few months ago, I introduced you to DanceFit Studio and the new location that we were giving a facelift to.  Well, I'm pleased to say that the new studio has been up and running for about a month and a half and we finally were able to have a photoshoot and get some sweet pictures to share with you!  I'll give you a minute to pop back to my post about the design plans, so you can see what the ideas were for the space.  Now go ahead and tell me that you wouldn't want to take fitness classes here or be a little kid on your tippy toes at ballet class...  

DanceFit Studio Reveal - Mirrors and Windows


It was pretty far from this to start with.  It was originally an auto garage that had been converted into a karate studio with the worst colors and stained carpeting that you could pretty much imagine.  Trust me when I say that carpet was much worse in person.


DanceFit Studio Before DanceFit Studio Lobby Before


We were working within a budget so we made sure that the first things we spent on were the floor and the mirrors since those make the most impact in a dance studio.  From there, it was about making things functional and adding a touch of glamour throughout.  My personal favorite view, and what seems to be the general consensus's favorite view as well, is these vintage theater chairs with floor to ceiling curtains.  I found the chairs at a local vintage shop and used IKEA curtains sewn together to create color-blocked curtains that were tall enough for the 12 foot+ ceilings.


DanceFit Studio Reveal - Windows, curtains, and vintage chairs


On the other side of the room we got creative with storage, using IKEA's Kallax cubbies to house most of the small fitness equipment including hand weights, yoga blocks, stretching bands, and pound sticks as well as supplies for the kids classes.  Using a light gray box painted on the wall, we were able to give designated area for client achievements and tracking classes.  They offer some fun incentives for reaching class number milestones- I'm only one class away from 50 classes this year and earning my sparkly headband! #littlewins


DanceFit Studio Reveal- fitness organization


In between the studio and lobby, we installed a glass sliding door to give a little bit of privacy to the studio while still allowing parents to watch the pirouettes of their little ones.


DanceFit Studio Reveal Viewing door between studio and lobby


The lobby sets the tone for the space once you enter with an eclectic, but relaxed vibe.  Function was key in this entire project and the lobby was no different.  It needed to accommodate waiting parents, kids coloring at the large coffee table, and be flexible enough to be moved around for birthday parties or other events.  I'm so glad Gina, DanceFit's owner fell as much in love with the Letterboard as I did.  She needed a place to make announcements about pop up classes, special events, and general studio goings on.  I swear, every time I come in, she's switched it up already- I've created a monster.  Well, I guess I awoke the monster in myself too, because after seeing this stellar board in person, I just knew I need to get one for myself (did you see it in yesterday's big announcement post??)


DanceFit Studio Reveal lobby


Check out DanceFit's website for their full list of adult fitness classes, virtual online classes, and kids dance classes.  I personally recommend the BalletFit, Zumba, Pilates and Pound!  See you at the barre!



DanceFit Studio Reveal - Mirrors and Windows and Barres

Photos taken by the talented Joyelle West Photography.

Disclaimer: some sources below may contain affiliate links.  Shopping through these links will be at no additional cost to you, however will help support my design addiction so I can keep sharing it with you. XOXO


Lobby- desk from World Market, sign board from Letterfolk, shelves from Wayfair, folding chairs from IKEA, rug from RugsUSA, Curtains from IKEA, & custom coffee table by Mauricio Woodworking

Studio- vinyl flooring from Lumber Liquidators, vintage theater chairs from Robject's D'art, curtains from IKEA (sewed together for color-blocked effect), yoga mat basket from World Market, fitness storage from IKEA, barn door hardware from Amazon, & salvaged door from Habitat for Humanity ReStore Worcester