Copper Dot Interiors is Moving!

First of all, please accept my apologies for Friday's lack of post.  Between the holiday at the beginning of the week and the mid-week snow storm/digging out, I didn't grab any updated flip pics to show.  This just means that this Friday's post will be even more exciting!  (seriously, super exciting, I promise!)  But anyway.....  

I'm beyond thrilled to tell you guys that Copper Dot Interiors is moving!!!!!.... out of my dining room and a 1/2 a mile away!!!


Ever since I gave up my home office for Copper Dot Baby's nursery, it's been a bit trying working from the dining room table.  There's usually a very cute distraction playing with Daddy/Grammy/Nana/nanny in the next room or walking past to get to the kitchen.  I saw an "office space for lease" sign almost a month ago and inquired on a whim, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt like the right move.  Well, keys are now in hand and boxes are being brought over!  Without further ado, the soon-to-be new home of Copper Dot Interiors:



I'll be sharing 237sf of office space in this 1874 historic town building (!!!) with the talented photographer Stephanie Rita Photography.   Without any furniture in it to help to show scale it isn't obvious, however those ceilings are over eleven feet tall!!!



We have some great ideas for the space, but the first thing will be painting over that tan.  It's a lot of tan.  Once it get's painted white, oh boy, this is going to be a fun white box to design.  Aside from the excitement of a new office and hopefully growing my business, the architectural details of the building make me all weak in the knees.  The doors, guys, the doors!



While the hallway carpet isn't my particular cup of tea, this building already has my heart!



I am so so excited for this next step for Copper Dot Interiors!  I have some fun projects in the pipeline and will hopefully be sharing more of Copper Dot's work with you!



Cheers to 2018!!!