Clark: Week 2

It has now been two weeks since I became a professional house flipper.  Sounds crazy, but honestly, it feels right.  I've been working practically every waking minute, since I can't turn my brain off, but I'm so happy to be doing this! Ok, enough with the sap for now. I'm really not sure where this past week went- I seriously blinked and it's Friday....  and I feel like I don't have a ton to show for it.  Despite my own perception, I did accomplish a TON of prep and planning this week.  (Check out Clark the Flip House's Week 1 update HERE)

The only visual change that occurred this week is the kitchen:

kitchen progress w2 1

The opening is 95% done (I'll be adding a wood ledge to the unfinished bottom later on), the in-the-way closet is no more, the walls are all patched and sanded (PHEW!) and I finally got to start priming.  The priming is a HUGE step- at least in my head it signifies the rebuilding, and I'm ready for the rebuilding.  No more demo!

kitchen progress w2 2

Hubby's going to help me break down the demo pile in the living room today so that we can load up the bagster and get to work on those floors!

kitchen progress w2 3

So, the floors.  I have BIG plans for them.  I know I mentioned in my last Clark post that I was eyeing hickory for the floors- and they will be be.u.ti.ful!  What I neglected to mention is that I've decided to attempt the floor installation myself.  It'll save us over $1000 which was the primary reason, but I also wanted a challenge.  I think this qualifies, don't you think?  The people that I've told my plans to either think its great or think I'm crazy.  I'm going with both.  So far I've picked up 14 of the 23 boxes that I purchased from Home Depot (a Jeep can only fit about 5 boxes at a time, and yes, I know they shouldn't be in the basement, but I need my big strong Hubby to help me move them upstairs later today).


I'll let you know how it all works out when I get started on the floors next week.  I'm very excited for them!

The other running around and non-visual accomplishments of this past week are:

  • Got several quotes for each a new roof, a new driveway, and granite countertops
  • Ordered tile for the shower surround and scheduled installation for next Thursday (hooray!!)
  • Purchased all the hardwood floors
  • Purchased mosaic tile for bathroom floors
  • Purchased wainscoting for bathroom walls
  • Finalized the layout for the kitchen (ordering at IKEA this afternoon)
  • Patched and sanded all the walls in the house- ready for paint!
  • Patched, sanded and deglossed all the trim in the bedrooms
  • Got one coat of spray paint on the ReStore kitchen light that I purchased last week
  • Replaced a broken spring on the garage door and assembled new door opener (which hasn't been installed yet)
  • Researched appliance deals and scratch & dent deals
  • Adopted several new tools- a compressor, mega-shop vac, and a floor nailer

new tools

The key to this girls heart is with shiny new tools, I'll admit it.

I am, however, VERY ready for a weekend- next week's going to be jam packed!