Who's the Boss?

Well, I hope to be, because exciting things are happening! Firstly, I'm participating in the new Blogging e-course from Holly Becker (of Decor8) called Blog Boss.  It starts today and I'm rather excited.  The classes tag line is "Be you own Blog CEO and Editor in Chief.  Learn how to run a blog that will result in success, happy feeling, more readers, and amazing content (all while wearing your bunny slippers!)"  Sounds fun right?  Some of you might remember that I've taken one of her e-courses before (Blogging Your Way 2.0) and it was a blast and SO helpful, so this class is certain not to disappoint!  What does this mean for you?  Why, a better blog to read, of course. I hope you're ready!

The second exciting thing is that I'm working with a website designer to completely revamp this little corner of blog-land and make it AWESOME.  When the new site goes live, it'll mean a shift to yearofserendipity.com and off of yearofserendipity.wordpress.com, but I'll let you know when to expect that change.  I'm just excited to know that it's in the works!

And since I can't just have a post with all words and no pictures:

Clark is elated to have the demo pile out of his living room and into the driveway (this is the view from the living room)

clark bagster

And I'm elated to have a pretty new piece of jewelry.  I/Hubby bought me a beautiful Alex & Ani Bracelet (I bought it, but a gift card to Bloomingdale's that Hubby won at his work's holiday party and gave to me funded it- Thanks Hubby!)  It's a style I haven't seen before and I absolutely LOVE it!

alex and ani feather

Happy Monday!