Clark: Week 1

I think I've sufficiently shocked my body this week- going from sitting at a desk 8 hours a day to on my feet demo-ing for 8 hours a day.  I need a massage more than ever before. But, enough about me, you want to hear all about Clark!  We closed on him a week ago yesterday and I've been out at the house almost every day since.  I took some updated pictures right before I left last night, so here's how he currently stands.  (To see what he looked like before the demo, check it out here)

The biggest change so far has been in the kitchen.  Or should I say "what kitchen?"

Kitchen gut progress1

Notice the closet bump-out that used to be in the right corner is now gone- yay!  Now we'll have room for a normal size fridge and dishwasher.

Guess what else is happening on that wall:

living room gut2

It makes the space feel so much larger- a HUGE plus on a house under 1000sf.  Our realtor suggested this and she was totally right (thanks Amy!).  The contractor's going to be back this afternoon to finish the openings.

living room gut1

The demo pile has been hanging out in the living room for now.  We got a bagster, but parking's limited, so I didn't want a dumpster or bagster taking up my spot.  Next week I'll put it out when I call for a pickup.  Once I cut down most of these boards, I'm hoping we can fit almost all of it in the bagster (it can hold up to 3300 lbs!).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore that's a few minutes away is going to get a ton of stuff from Clark including the kitchen sink and whatever other usable fixtures I remove.  I also plan on sourcing as much as possible from the ReStore as well, so it's a win-win in my opinion.  I already found one treasure there.

restore fixture

I'm going to be spraying the metal parts silver, but for $5 plus tax I couldn't resist.  This guy's going to look AWESOME hanging over the kitchen sink!

BUT, the kitchen/living room isn't the only area that's undergone a transformation!  Just a few hours after the closing, Hubby and I got to work on the bathroom.

bathroom demo

When we started pulling down the cracked plastic shower surround, we discovered delightful pink plastic marbled tile underneath.  It entertained me, so I rescued a few undamaged pieces for posterity.

bathroom gut progress3

All week, I've literally been chipping away at the bathroom piece by piece.

bathroom gut progress1

bathroom gut progress2

I wish I could express to you the smell when I started opening up walls and demoing cabinets.  Like I said before, he LOOKED decent in pictures, but nothing was nice.  Nothing.  There was mold in the shower walls and water damage under the kitchen sink, and 50+ years of grime.  Yummy.  Everything needed to go, so it went.  I'm really excited for the rebuilding part.  That's the part that makes this designer giddy.  I'm planning to add back some vintage charm through finishes and really give him character.  That's what's going to sell it.  (I'll put together a mood board next week to show you my plans)

Although this past week was mainly demo, it wasn't exclusive.  We also:

  • had several small plumbing issues fixed (by a plumber, I'm not brave enough to give that a try)
  • With the help of my mom, we scraped the peeling paint off of all the basement walls to prep for a new coat (I know I haven't shown you the basement yet- its a basement, nothing special)
  • Started prepping walls throughout the house for paint
  • Got several quotes on tile work and hard wood floors (yup, hardwood- I'm excited!)
  • Made many many trips to Home Depot (and anticipate many many more)

I'm hoping that we can finalize any last demo today and tomorrow and next week can start the rebuilding phase.

How's that for a weeks worth of progress?