A Ledge and a Challenge

When I went to IKEA last week (and purchased these curtains), my primary purpose was to price out a kitchen for Clark.  My secondary purpose was to pick up a picture ledge for my office to show off a bunch of artwork that's been piled in the closet for months. I had pinned this image a while ago

gray living room picture ledge

and I figured a picture ledge was the perfect thing for my office so I can change out my inspiration whenever the mood strikes (or whenever I find some awesome thrift or tag sale deal).  The link on pinterest doesn't lead to a source, so if you know where it came from, please share!

I installed my new picture ledge directly over my settee in my office and started loading it with pieces I've collected.  I still need to curate the collection a bit, but that's the fun of using a picture ledge.  I can change it on a daily basis if I want to!

office picture ledge

I tried to convince my furry model that she wanted to curl up and get comfy for the photo, but the sunlight on the window sill was more enticing.  At least I was able to get one decent pic first!

Oh, and it's time for this season's Pinterest Challenge!  The hosts this season are Sherry from Young House Love & Katie Bower from Bower Power Blog as always, in addition to Michelle from Decor and the Dog and Megan from The Remodeled Life.


I already know what I want to do for it, but you'll have to wait until next Wednesday to find out!

AND check back tomorrow for Clark the flip house's week 1 update!!