So this is totally happening as we speak. cabinet-install

I'm not giddy or anything though.  Not at all.  I enjoyed not having a kitchen or dining room for 2 weeks.  Enjoyed like one might enjoy a root canal or a termites.

Now that the cabinets are finally a reality, I'm starting to consider the backsplash.  I wasn't planning on doing anything about a backsplash since we already have a 4" silestone backsplash.  Here's a reminder of the counter we are reinstalling:

kitchen before

But I can't get subway tile out of my head.  A bit generic, I know, but add dark grout and you have a feature that honors the age of the house (113+).  Something like this drool-worthy space (via Lingered Upon):

subway tile kitchen via Lingered Upon

BUT adding tile into the kitchen would add extra cost, so that's where the debate comes in.  Do I reinstall the countertop and backsplash as is, and maybe add tile on top at a later date, or have them just reinstall the countertop but not the backsplash and convince Hubby that tile's the way to go?  Such decisions!!

Don't worry, Wednesday I'll have a non-kitchen related post and hopefully post a reveal of the kitchen work on Friday.  Until then, what's your backsplash vote?  Tile, solid surface or both?