By the Number


Yes yes, I know that adult coloring books are all the rage right now, but I want to bring back paint by number.  These things are seriously zen.  And you get a painting out of it.  That you can hang on your wall and pretend to be all humble about- "oh that little thing?  it was nothing" My mom gave me a paint by number kit for my birthday back in April and now that I'm trying to hit the reset button after flip craziness I decided to give it a go.  It's absolutely perfect because you can use it to fill a 10 minute void or get lost in it for hours.  I'm far from done, but I think this trend needs to seriously be brought back.

paint by number via Year of Serendipity

Vintage paint by numbers have been a pretty hot commodity for a while now- with spaces like these, it's no wonder why!

**please pin from original sources!**

Teddy's Bedroom featuring paint by numbers via Sabbe Interior Design

My ultimate FAVE by Sabbe Interior Design.  I swoon over pretty much all Stephanie's spaces.


Paint by Number Dog Collection via Retro Renovation

Quite the collection of pup paint by numbers via Retro Renovation.


Vintage Eclectic paint by number art via At Home on the Bay

Fun and funky retro intermingled with modern via At Home on the Bay.


Fun and funky character Home via Roger and Chris

A welcoming character home from Roger & Chris.  This home is bananas and turns me into a heart eyed emoji every time I see it. (Go here.  You're welcome.)


My own paint by number kit was from Country Living Magazine, but there are so many new kits available in every subject matter imaginable!  I think I'm addicted.  It's like knitting with paint.  Have I sold you on it yet?